13th Tribe Reviews

“Cutting-edge technology and ancient vendetta come together in an adrenaline-laced cocktail of intrigue, action, and the hope for redemption. Thrill-master Liparulo’s most riveting story yet. An electrifying supernatural ride that will leave you tearing through the pages and thinking long after you’ve closed the cover.”
Tosca Lee, New York Times best-selling author of Demon & the Books of Mortals series


The 13th Tribe is a work of sweeping imagination and high octane action that grabbed me, intrigued me, and wouldn’t let me go. The best Liparulo novel I’ve read yet.”
Steven James, best-selling author of The Queen



“This is one book you won’t want to miss. Its mind-blowing action will keep readers totally immersed.”
RT Book Reviews


“We authors are always looking for the next Great Idea for a story, and I think Robert Liparulo has found it in this Bible-derived “What If?”  He has created environments with an eye for detail and whatever is fascinating, peopled them with characters who are walking mysteries, then drawn from scripture and history to weave situations in which trouble just has to happen.  Result: a great read!”
Frank Peretti, best-selling author of This Present Darkness



“In The 13th Tribe, Robert Liparulo plunges deep into the pages of scripture to find intriguing what-if’s and stunning revelations—all woven into a tale that is both supernatural and skin-tinglingly real. And with all the high-tech, action and heart that has always made his books a blast to read. Robert Liparulo is a phenomenal storyteller, and The 13th Tribe is a phenomenal story! Read this novel! Seriously!”
Ted Dekker, best-selling author of Forbidden and the Circle series



“A fantasy-thriller with overt (but not overly intrusive) Christian themes, this novel pits Jagger Baird, a deeply troubled former Army Ranger, against a band of immortals. The story’s setting, modern-day Mount Sinai, is no mere window dressing but, instead, an essential part of the story—the immortals having been members of the 12 tribes of Israel who, while waiting for Moses to return from the mountain, worshipped a pagan idol and who were sentenced to eternal life on earth without ever ascending to heaven. Now, after spending centuries executing people they judge to be sinners, the thirteenth tribe is poised to exact its final revenge, unless Jagger Baird can single-handedly stop them. Baird is a complex character—when we first meet him, he’s mired in self-pity (with an added layer of self-loathing) over the recent death of a close friend—and his returning to his faith is a key element of the plot. The book can be read as a story of a man’s spiritual transition, or it can be read as a fast-paced thriller with fantasy elements. Either way, it’s a success.”



“Liparulo (Comes a Horseman) opens the Immortal Files series with a bang: an intruder is shot at MicroTech, a supplier to the Pentagon. That intruder is a member of a team of vigilantes, who have amazing technology and even more amazing history: they go back to a time when they worshipped a golden calf while their leader Moses was away. Immortality as the 13th Tribe is the idolaters’ punishment, and in subsequent centuries they try to attain God’s forgiveness—and end their earthly existence—by righteously killing sinners. In present-day Egypt, maimed former Army Ranger Jagger Baird provides security for an archeological dig on Mt. Sinai, and when the Tribe shows up in search of a defector, Baird’s family gets caught in the crossfire. Liparulo has concocted a fast-moving, imaginative narrative that examines moral questions. Not everyone will get or care about the scriptural framework, though it will resonate for the biblically literate, but every reader is in for roller-coaster action, competently done, with a late-breaking major plot curve that leaves the door open for more.”
Publisher’s Weekly



Of the 12 tribes of Israel that turned to worship a golden calf while Moses was on Mt. Sinai, 40 men have been cursed to walk the earth for all time. Desperate to prove themselves worthy of forgiveness, they have traveled across time with one intent: kill sinners and gain entry into heaven. Now Jagger Baird, a former Army Ranger who is now head of security for an archaeological dig on Sinai, must face this band of twisted immortals before it is too late. VERDICT The author of Comes a Horseman ushers in an exciting new series with this action-packed and intricately plotted spiritual thriller that should appeal to fans of Frank Peretti and Oliver North.”
Library Journal


Review by Josh Olds, Life Is Story:

“Blindly we dream of overcoming death through immortality, when all the time immortality is the most horrific of possible fates.” -Jean Baudrillard


Every death is penance, every mission an attempt at absolution, a plea for the forgiveness of a sin that has haunted them for 3500 years. It began at the foot of Sinai, the mountain where the One True God met with Moses and handed down his edicts and decrees. But the Israelites grew impatient and turned their backs on the God who had called them out of Egypt and redeemed them as his children. Instead they worshipped a golden calf and engaged in all the perversions of its worship. Many were killed for their idolatry but forty were given a worse punishment—endless life on earth.


Immortality isn’t the blessing it would at first seem. 3500 of brokenness, 3500 years of seeking God, 3500 years of trying to deserve death in order to be reconciled to God. The 13th Tribe has used their immortality to their benefit, trying to earn their way into heaven by bringing the hand of judgment upon sinners. They have unbelievable resources and technology, they have millennia of experience, and they’re planning on unleashing destruction of…well…biblical proportions.


Jagger Baird is the hired head of security for an archaeological dig near Sinai. It’s good for him to get out of the States, to start over after the car accident that killed his best friend and amputated his faith and his arm. Now with wife, son, and what he terms RoboHand, he’s trying to rebuild the pieces of his life. But after his family unwittingly gets involved with the Tribe’s plot, Jagger finds that what little he has left is being ripped from him. It’s one man against a tribe of Immortals, and by the time the dust settles, nothing will be the same.


In The 13th Tribe, Robert Liparulo dives into Biblical history, raises tough questions about the nature and goodness of God, adds in his trademark dash of futuristic technology, and does it all in the context of a pulse-pounding, page-turning story. Surprises and twists lie waiting around every corner—both for Jagger and the reader—and Liparulo takes his readers deeply into the minds of characters on both sides to reveal their innermost thoughts and pains.


The Tribe doesn’t see themselves as the bad guys. They are God’s avengers attempting to earn their path to heaven and true immortality through the blood of sinners. Liparulo handles this concept well, dealing with the difficulty of God’s violence throughout the Old Testament in a satisfactory way that doesn’t distract from the story. He also applies such salvation by works into modern times, asking the question of whether most Christians don’t also seek to earn their salvation, albeit by less drastic measures. The Tribe we are introduced to is seen as human, broken, and conflicted.


Jagger is a wonderfully unique protagonist with a conflicted and jumbled past of his own. His RoboHand and his unflagging determination to save his family make him an unforgettable character. Liparulo throws in a few twists I never saw coming, tying together tendrils and wrapping things into a nice, cohesive whole. But don’t think that things get too neat and tidy. Being a vigilante or trying to stop one involves a fair amount of violence. Liparulo handles himself well, describing evil and suffering as he sees it but without reveling in it for the sake of gratuity.


The 13th Tribe is a book of action and emotion, affecting both the head and the heart. You’ll ponder the questions it raises, feel the rawness of the characters’ emotions, and be wowed by the unexpected twists. Liparulo’s pacing is superb and his balance between action and theme extraordinary. It’s been three years since Liparulo last released a thriller but it was well worth the wait. The 13th Tribe is Liparulo’s best novel to date—and considering his past releases, that’s quite the accomplishment.