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(440) RBear
Wed, March 7, 2012

My teens and I loved your books. I can't wait to read the new one.

(439) Kristy McRae
Wed, March 7, 2012

Great new site! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your Monday giveaways. Your books sound fabulous--I work in a small indie bookstore, and I'm always on the lookout for great books to recommend to customers (both adult & YA).

(438) kaci
Wed, March 7, 2012

Nice website! Hoping to win a free book! :)

(437) Carol
Wed, March 7, 2012

This is just wonderful, you have a great new web site. Looking forward to two new books that I have not read yet. God bless you.

(436) David Brock
Wed, March 7, 2012

I enjoy your books very much!Perhaps you will be able to visit Portland,so you can publicize them?

(435) Steven Wilber
Wed, March 7, 2012

Like the new site

(434) Cris D.
Wed, March 7, 2012

I really like your redesigned website. Great job on your books too!

(433) Martha Lawson
Wed, March 7, 2012

Love the new website design! I'd love to be entered to win. Happy Spring!!

(432) Davawn Creech
Wed, March 7, 2012

Thanks so much for the free books! I can't wait to see if I win!

(431) Kevin James Richardson
Wed, March 7, 2012

Robert... Cudos on your new book and remodeled website! I need to show it to my 12-year old grandson so he can look through your YA offerings. He's become an avid reader following in his mother's footsteps.

As I was following your bread crumb trail to this landing page, the book I clicked on to find this gateway way was "Comes A Horseman." I noticed the first endorsing comments listed from David Morrell - "Rambo's Father." David has become a friend of mine. We met at the 2011 San Francisco Writer's Conference where he presented and gave a keynote during lunch on the Saturday of the 3-day conference. David sent me a few signed book plates in the mail. One has found a prominent space on the wall just to the right of my PC monitor. Inscribed are his words - "To Kevin - Follow your light. David Morrell." His insightful words are a daily reminder of God's committed presence in my life - the Light. David is an encouraging mentor to me - although I'm not bound so much by his thriller approach, but rather by relative stories laced to the heart of the human element.

So should my name surface as one of your fortunate victors in the book giveaway, I would count it an honor and would love a personalized signed copy of "Comes A Horseman" because of our shared relationship with David. All the BEST for your continued success Robert and thanks for sharing your great gift with the world. WRITE ON!!

(430) Angela Hipp
Wed, March 7, 2012

Fun drawing for the month!

(429) Jered Gering
Wed, March 7, 2012

The website looks great, and the book looks amazing! I hope I win!

(428) Cheryl Koch
Wed, March 7, 2012

I like the new look of your redisgned website and your books. Would like to enter contest. Thank you

(427) Garret Haines
Wed, March 7, 2012

I want to win!

(426) Corey Steenhoek
Wed, March 7, 2012

I am new to the Liparulo fan club and am already hooked.

(425) Kathryn Nguyen
Wed, March 7, 2012

Signing in.

(424) Suzanne Osborn
Wed, March 7, 2012

I've enjoyed your adult books immensely, but reading the Dreamhouse Kings series with my teenager was a bonding experience. Thanks for sharing your imagination with us!

(423) Jessica Saylor
Wed, March 7, 2012

Hey Robert this is Jessica from Chapter Chicks, I reviewed and LOVED your series. Hope to see more YA from you soon!


(422) Daniel
Wed, March 7, 2012

Here's to hoping I might win some free stuff!!
God bless, Robert Liparulo. Looking forward to reading The 13th Tribe!

(421) Teresa Warner
Wed, March 7, 2012

Always looking forward to free reads!

(420) Lexie
Wed, March 7, 2012

I absolutely ADORED the suspenseful Dream House Kings series. I know your new book will be better than ever.

(419) Chris Ehlers
Wed, March 7, 2012

Always the most entertaining books to read.

(418) Gary Getting
Wed, March 7, 2012

Love your books!!!

(417) Brian McBride
Wed, March 7, 2012

I love the new, redesigned website, Mr. Liparulo!!! I also can't wait to read your book, Comes a Horseman. I have read all of the Dreamhouse Kings books and LOVE them!!!
Write on!

(416) Joe Carroll
Wed, March 7, 2012

Thanks Robert for the new site

(415) abrielle cuccia
Wed, March 7, 2012

I love the new website. I can not wait to read your next book:b

(414) Emory Eddy
Wed, March 7, 2012

Love your books!!! Also the website is fantastic!

(413) anna duran
Wed, March 7, 2012

This is so exciting! I love your new site, it's so cool!

(412) Sherrel Mitchell
Wed, March 7, 2012

Excellent website design! I love your work and look forward to reading more.

(411) Rachel
Wed, March 7, 2012

Hey! I love your books. I read the Dreamhouse Kings as they hit the shelf and they were awesome! I hope you do end up writing Takaidian's (sorry if I spelled that wrong) back story. I am quite excited for the 13th tribe to come out as well.